Troy Hangen: Elbert County's Go-To Guy for Development Planning

Driving through Elbert County, you'll see wide-open spaces and areas of population growth. In the last few years, more homes have moved into various communities within our County, all under the regulations of the County planners. For a while, the local government outsourced this to a planning/engineering consulting company based out of the Denver area, but now rely on Troy Hangen and Christina Stanton, Director of Community and Development Services, to do this in-house.

The good-natured Troy has over ten years experience in planning, which comes in handy in dealing with the challenges of his job. His responsibilities include educating and guiding citizens through all aspects of their land development. He makes certain people are aware of, and compliant to, the Subdivision Regulations and the Elbert County Zoning Regulations. This requires taking into consideration maintaining sustainable growth in the future. Troy says, "The interaction with people and developers is always fascinating. I enjoy helping projects through the entire process. Although I am unable to control the community’s growth, it is inevitable here."

Building regulations state you cannot build too close to your property line. Knowing where the line is, and how large a building can sit on the land, can help property owners and construction companies avoid costly mistakes. Troy's office works closely with them to give out "dimensional variances," which allow them to know the size of the building allowed for a particular lot. There is also a Special Use by Review processes, which handles unique requests not presently allowed in the regulations. They are currently helping landowners subdivide land and amend the existing regulations to be more friendly and fair to the citizens of Elbert County.

To maintain a high standard for the County, Troy says, "I make it a goal to enforce the regulations set forth by my predecessors and try to find a happy middle in times of dispute." Troy sees challenges as opportunities, and only wishes he had more time in a day to tackle projects. "It would help," he says with a grin, "but who doesn't want more time?"

Troy is a new resident of the County. "Growing up in a rural city in Georgia, then living in 5+ million people cities for most of my adult career, I wanted to get back to the slower paced, small town feel," he says. "The remoteness and low traffic count is pleasant. I have met many new wildlife friends that I congregate with on a daily basis. It's quite peaceful."

When asked about what he'd like to accomplish by the end of this year, Troy grins. "Personally, I want another
hole-in-one, to win the lotto, climb a Colorado 14er, and find a good steakhouse. Professionally, I want to continue to educate myself on the broad spectrum of planning and helping people through concerns and development in Elbert County." When he's not working on your behalf to ensure the continued growth stability of the County, he's eating his favorite foods (peanut butter and bacon) and spending time with his beloved daughter.