Money Talks: An Interview with Sheryl Hewlett, County Treasurer

Do you ever wonder who processes your tax dollars before they wind up working for your benefit?

In Elbert County, that person is Sheryl Hewlett, the County Treasurer. Since not everyone knows the process of this branch of government, I asked her to clarify the responsibilities of her office. She says, "the treasurer's office is responsible for mailing property tax notices, and collecting and distributing property tax collections to taxing entities (schools, towns, fire departments, library district, and special districts). They also receive and receipt all money due to the county from the various county departments, which includes keeping accurate and detailed records of all monies received or disbursed and investing the County’s financial resources." State Statues drive their guidelines.

Keeping track of so many transactions is a challenging job, but so far Sheryl says she's faced no crises. "Our biggest challenge this year was three eminent domain/condemnation issues to process for CDOT on State Highway 86," she says. "The assessor’s office and I worked closely together to get them the information they needed."

Currently, the department is collecting delinquent property taxes. "Delinquent notices were sent out the first part of July," Sheryl says. "In August, I will send out Endorsement Lists to all tax lien sale investors for payment of unpaid taxes on properties in which they have a lien. I will start getting ready for the tax lien sale in September for our sale, which will be held on November 19, 2019. After the tax lien sale, that will pretty much complete our property tax collections for the year. We could still receive redemption payments on property tax liens through December, however."

Prior to coming to Elbert County in 1992, Sheryl worked in banking. "I was a bank teller, teller supervisor, customer service representative, proof operator, accounts payable and a loan clerk for about nine years," she says. "I started in the treasurer’s office in 1996. My years of working in the Treasurer’s office led me to believe I could someday become the Elbert County Treasurer/Public Trustee. I truly enjoy serving the citizens of Elbert County."

Sheryl lived in El Paso County for roughly five years before moving into our county. "I love the rural setting of living here and its beauty!" She says, "I was born and raised in a small rural town in Otero County, so Elbert County reminds me of my upbringing. I have made many great friends here over the years as well."

The Treasurer’s office is always willing to help with any questions you may have regarding your property taxes. If they do not have the answers you are looking for, they will get you to the appropriate department who can help. Sheryl says, "My door is always open and I welcome you at any time or feel free to contact me via phone or email." Contact the treasurer’s office at 303-621-3120.