Minding The County's Business: The County Treasurer


 If I said the word "treasurer" to you, what would come to mind? Maybe times past, flickering torchlight over mounds of gold and silver, or gemstones in a castle keep. Modern times have replaced the silver hoard with paper trails, but the job of managing and seeing to the public assets remains important.

County Treasurer Sherry Hewlett has worked for Elbert County for 22 years. "It will be 23 years in September," she says. " Eleven of those years I was the Deputy Treasurer and Public Trustee." She has not seen much change in the office's functions over the years except for in the newer, faster, better technology. She's a native Coloradoan, born and raised in Otero County. Sherry moved to Elbert County in 1992, but lived in El Paso County for a period of time until she and her husband John bought a house in Simla in 2016, where they currently reside.

After the Assessor's Office assesses the value of your property and turns their findings over to the Treasurer's Office, the Treasurer's Office mails your tax notices, then collects the property tax and distributes it to taxing entities such as schools, towns, fire departments, the library district, and special districts. They are also responsible for handling all money due to the County from the various county departments, which includes keeping accurate and detailed records of all monies received or disbursed. The County Treasurer may also invest surplus funds according to State Statute, to benefit the County.

As the County Treasurer, Sherry also serves as the County’s Public Trustee. The Public Trustee serves as a statutory mediator between property owners and their bank and/or mortgage company during the foreclosure process. The Public Trustee cannot give legal advice, but insures fair treatment to homeowners facing the stress of foreclosure. The Public Trustee is responsible for processing release of deeds of trust and foreclosures on properties located in Elbert County.

Sherry says her favorite thing about living here is the small town, rural feel of the community. "It is truly a beautiful county to live in. I have made many wonderful friends here. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family!" She has two daughters who graduated from Elbert School, and a step-daughter and step-son who graduated from Elizabeth. Sherry also has 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

The county can rest safe knowing its assets are in the hands of an experienced professional.