Board Approves Resolution Declaring County a "Second Amendment Sanctuary County"

Elbert Approves Resolution Declaring County a
“Second Amendment Sanctuary County”
Resolution preserves the Second Amendment of the US Constitution

On March 13, Elbert County Commissioners passed a resolution designating Elbert County as a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County,” joining a growing number of rural Colorado counties who have approved similar resolutions in response to HB 19-1177, also know as “The Red Flag Bill.”

Elbert County has the authority to adopt and enforce resolutions regarding health, safety and welfare issues unique to the community. Board Chair Chris Richardson stated, “Our mission is to ensure a well-run government and, when appropriate, advocate for legislative issues that affect our residents.” He added, “This isn’t about politics, it’s about maintaining our County’s individuality and unique way of life our residents value – and expect.”

The resolution states that members of the Board believe the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental Constitutional right, with any restrictions to such rights being subject to strict scrutiny and thus justified only when such restrictions accomplish a compelling governmental interest, and even then, only when such law or policy is sufficiently and narrowly tailored to achieve that goal.

They also believe that any reasonable restrictions upon the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution must meet Constitutional standards for due process, presumption of innocence, and a conviction based on the standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt or such similar disqualifier meeting the same standard in order for citizens to be disqualified from exercising the rights laid out within the Second Amendment.

This resolution applies to unincorporated areas of Elbert County, only. The Board of County Commissioners does not have the authority to enact policy for any municipality within the County, including the towns of Elizabeth, Kiowa and Simla.

Visit the County website for more information and to read the Resolution.