State Level Error Impacts Motor Vehicle Renewals

State-Level Error Impacts Motor Vehicle Renewals
Some County residents will receive a tax refund in March

 On August 6, 2018, the Colorado Department of Revenue launched a new vehicle registration and renewal computer system. Unfortunately, there have been many challenges and frustrations across the state with its implementation. Normal front-line transactions are working properly, but the system is still requiring some important updates and corrections.

The Elbert County Motor Vehicle office was notified in early January of a statewide problem with the renewal of vehicles that had an expiration date of December 2018. Specifically, all 2015, 2016, 2017, and some 2010 models were charged the incorrect Specific Ownership Tax. This is a tax based on the MSRP of the vehicle, and during the first few years of ownership, the Specific Ownership Tax stair steps down each year. Unfortunately, the new system did not incorporate the stair step reductions and people owning vehicles in the years listed above were overcharged. You may refer to our Motor Vehicle page on the County website at to see these percentages.

The State responded relatively quickly when the error was discovered and a fix was in place by January 11, 2019. Since that date, there have been many conference calls and meetings across the state to determine the best path to correct the problem. The reports showing those who overpaid have been double and triple checked at the state and county levels.

We have reached a point where all parties are satisfied and the state will be sending refunds by the end of March to those who were overcharged. Though the state doesn’t require refunding over-charges of less than $10, the County will ensure those that overpaid even a small amount will receive the refund they are due.

Please be assured that we have been working alongside our state partners and pushed them to resolve the issue quickly. We understand the frustration of the situation and our primary goal is to make sure each transaction is fixed properly and refunds are issued to those who deserve them. Your patience is appreciated as the state continues to process all refunds throughout the month of March. If you believe you were entitled to a refund and have not received it by the end of March, please call the Elbert County Motor Vehicle Office at 303-621-3123 and we will research each inquiry to make sure the correct adjustments took place.