Elbert County 2019 Budget Overview

A well-planned budget is a valuable tool to any organization and provides guidance to every department on spending limits and revenue targets. It is an important resource for stakeholders to see how their investments – property taxes, permits, grants, fees, etc. – are being used to provide community services such as road improvements, Health and Human Services, public safety, etc. And finally, it is a mechanism for implementing County plans – such as the Comprehensive Plan and the Strategic Plan.

How is the Elbert County budget developed?
It’s a long process, starting with approval of the budget objectives early in the year, review of quarterly revenue and expense reports, comparison of the previous year’s budget to actual revenue and expense reports, and review of strategic objectives and initial budget requests. Staff then meets collectively to understand each department’s priorities.

Once all this is done, the initial draft budget is prepared and delivered to the Board of County Commissioners (as required by statute), and then there is a work study session with the Board of County Commissioners and all the Directors and Elected Officials to discuss how the draft budget meets the budget objectives and priorities of each department. Finally, there is a public presentation of the budget where comments are heard.

Since a majority of the budget planning is done in October, there are still some end-of-year expenses and revenues that need to be adjusted before final budget approval in mid-December.

2019 Elbert County Budget Breakdown
- Total Projected Revenue 2018: $27,446,703
- Total Budgeted Revenue 2019: $27,903,820
- Total Increase: $457,117

- Total Projected Expenditures 2018: $28,777,066
- Total Budgeted Expenditures 2019: $27,742,389
- Total Decrease: $1,034,677

A Balanced Budget
One of the primary goals of the County budget is to deliver a “balanced budget”. This is accomplished by reviewing the County’s projected year-end fund balance to ensure expenses are less than revenues, and, that fund balances are higher than the year before.

Ending Fund Balance:
- 2018 Projected: $15,812,813
- 2019 Budgeted: $15,989,244
- Total Increase: $176,431

2019 Budget Highlights
- Additional Staff – The County intends to add eight new staff positions within the following departments: Road and Bridge, Building, Community and Development Services, Clerk and Recorder, Human Resources and Internet Technology.
- Strategic and Operational Projects – Several projects are budgeted in 2019 to improve service delivery, including a GIS project for parcel and road layer data, transportation planning and economic and resource planning.

Residents can review the County’s complete budget online. The full version includes a four-page narrative that outlines the County’s budget goals, and provides a more comprehensive overview of the operational and strategic projects planned for 2019.

Visit www.elbertcounty-co.gov/budget_information.php# and select the “Budget 2019” document.