Presidential Primary March 3, 2020 Election Update


The 2020 Presidential Primary Election is approaching, so here’s everything you need to know to participate in this important election.

Election Information
Electors should check their mailing address at, especially if you’ve renewed your driver’s license in the past year. You may also update your residential address or party affiliation online. If you have any questions about registration, affiliation or the timelines below, please contact the elections office or stop by with questions.

When will I receive my ballot?
February 10 - Presidential Primary Ballots will be mailed this week. All active, registered voters will receive a ballot. If you do not have your ballot by February 19, please contact elections. If you are registered with a major party (Democratic or Republican), you will receive that party’s primary ballot. Unaffiliated voters who have not declared a preference for which ballot to receive will get both major party ballots. Only one ballot may be returned. Registered voters of minor parties do not receive either ballot.

How to submit your ballot
Your ballot packet will include a voter instruction sheet on how to mark your ballot, where to sign your envelope, and the options you have to return your ballot to the elections office. Many of the commonly asked questions are addressed in the voter instructions.

The return envelope also has the locations of our 24-hour drop boxes. We do not recommend mailing your ballot after the 24th of February. All ballots must be received by 7pm on March 3, election night. Any ballot received after that time will not be counted.

Please do not drop your ballot in ballet boxes located outside of Elbert County.

In-person voting, replacement ballots and more
February 24 – The Voter Service and Polling Center (VSPC) opens at the Samuel Elbert Building. At the VSPC, replacement ballots may be issued, voters may cast their vote in person, update existing voter registration and new voters may register. The VSPC is open 8am-5pm, Monday—Friday, 8am-noon on Saturday, and 7am-7pm on Election Day March 3.

State Caucus information
Caucus for the two major parties will occur on Saturday, March 7. Caucus is the grassroots beginning of selecting delegates to represent your precinct at the county and state assemblies to place candidates on the June 30, 2020, Primary Election Ballot. It is important to note that a person must be affiliated with the major party they wish to caucus with no later than February 14. Please contact your local political party to receive more information. The elections department has limited involvement in caucus, as this is a party event.

Did you renew your driver’s license this past year? Please read this important information about your voter record
If you renewed your driver’s license this past year and you receive your mail at a different location than your physical address, you NEED to check your voter registration at If you did not specify a mailing address separate from your physical address, there is a good chance your mailing address was dropped from your voter record and your ballot will be sent to your physical address.

The clerk’s office is working with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, the Colorado County Clerk’s Association and Colorado legislators to address this problem.

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