5 Reasons to Participate in the 2020 U.S. Census

Beginning this March, the U.S. Census Bureau will invite households across the country to participate in the 2020 Census. As spring approaches, here’s 5 reasons why you should help Elbert County achieve a full count!

It’s an integral part of our nation’s constitution
Ever since 1790, the Census has determined how many seats each state receives in the U.S. House of Representatives. This affects our ability to shape policy and legislation that influences our livelihood.

The future of our community depends on it
Not only is this data used to calculate representation; it is also used to determine where to build new schools, hospitals, businesses and so much more!

We lose funding for every uncounted person every year
You read that right! In order for our government to provide services to all, we need funds for everyone. So if the data does not accurately represent our population size, we will not have the resources to serve you to our greatest potential.

It’s quick, safe and easy!
Worried about privacy? Your Census information is protected. It’s against the law for the Census Bureau to publicly release your responses in any way that could identify you or your household. By law, your responses cannot be used against you, and can only be used to produce statistics. For the first time you can participate by mail, phone, or online. Any household who receives mail via a post office box will not receive a mailed Census form. Instead, a Census taker will visit the residence to ensure an accurate count.

It creates job opportunities
A full count is a big undertaking and they need your help! Those that help collect Census counts earn $20.50 per hour. To apply, go to 2020census.gov.
Visit 2020Census.gov for more information about deadlines and Census taker verification.

Want to be a part of the local effort? Elbert County is seeking volunteers to help with education, collection and more. Visit https://www.elbertcounty-co.gov/volunteer_boards/2020_census_complete_count_committee.php to apply. Let’s achieve a complete count in 2020!