Elections Update: 2019 wrap-up and looking ahead to 2020

While Election Day has come and gone, there are still many post-election day activities that will occupy the rest of November, and roll into 2020 for the County’s Elections Department staff. Specifically, November 13 is the deadline for signature discrepancies to be cured, as well as the last day for the department to accept UOCAVA (overseas and military) ballots. Once all ballots have been tabulated, staff – including County election employees, election judges and Canvass Board members – conducts a Risk Limiting Audit and the Canvass Board certifies the election by November 27.

The list below provides an overview of the major dates that will occur in the first quarter of 2020 in regards to the 2020 Primary Elections. We encourage every Elbert County resident to participate in the upcoming elections. Electors should check their mailing address at GoVoteColorado.com, especially if you’ve renewed your driver’s license in the past year. You may also update your residential address or party affiliation online. If you have any questions about registration, affiliation or the timelines below, please contact the elections office or stop by with any questions. Visit elbertcounty-co.gov/elections.php to learn more.

Party Affiliations for the Primary Elections
Party affiliations are important because you are only allowed to vote for one party’s candidate for the primary election. If you are an unaffiliated elector with no preference selected, you will receive both major party ballots in the mail, though you may only return one.
• January 2: Last day to affiliate with a major or minor party in order to run as a party candidate in the June primary for local and statewide races. It is also the last day to register as unaffiliated, in order to be placed on the ballot by petition in the November 2020 election for local and statewide races.
• January 3: Last date for the Secretary of State to certify the names and party affiliation of the candidates to be placed on the presidential primary ballot. Those are the names that will appear on the ballot, even if those individuals drop out before the March 3 election. The election staff goes into high speed after this date to start to design the ballot and work with the print vendor to have the ballot set.
• February 3: Last day for affiliated voters to change their registration if they wish to vote in a different party’s primary election for the 2020 presidential primary. It is also the last day for unaffiliated electors to choose a ballot preference for the 2020 presidential primary.

Petition and Caucus
• January 21: The first day a major party candidate can begin circulating petitions to qualify for the June 2020 Primary Election.
• February 14: Last day to affiliate with the major parties to participate in caucus (which will take place March 7).

Presidential Primary Elections
• February 10: Presidential primary ballots will be mailed this week.
• March 3: Presidential primary election day.