2019 Citizen Engagement Survey Results are In!

Over the summer, Elbert County surveyed citizens about their impressions of, and concerns about, county government, and nearly 600 of you responded.

On October 9, Deputy County Manager Eileen Krauth summarized the survey responses at the regular Board of County Commissioners meeting in Kiowa. The informal survey used the free Survey Monkey platform, and was posted and promoted on social media, in the Elbert County Connection, and on the County's website. Survey results help guide the development of County planning documents, including the strategic plan, comprehensive plan, and the annual budget.

The survey results were thought provoking. Respondents' primary concerns related to growth and development. Many expressed concerns that development will stress the County's roads and other infrastructure; some were concerned about the loss of rural "feel," and others were concerned about the continued availability of water.

Respondents also expressed high levels of satisfaction with the County's Motor Vehicle department, snow removal operations, and law enforcement. They were less enthusiastic about paving operations, which may reflect the fact that only 170 miles (20%) of the County's roads are paved. Comments were split between residents wanting gravel roads paved, and those wanting existing gravel roads to remain unpaved, but more regularly maintained.

Other citizen priorities that remained clear from the 2018 to the 2019 survey were financial transparency, planning for the future (especially as it relates to water), and limiting the density of new developments.

Elbert County Commissioners and elected officials are grateful for the robust and thoughtful response, and plan to conduct another survey in 2021 on another platform with a more scientific (valid and reliable) approach and with benchmarked data from other similar areas in Colorado and elsewhere.