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Main Arena

Subfacility of Elbert County Fairgrounds

Entire Facility Area

  • 44,250 square feet


Main Arena rental includes:

  • 8 stall bucking chutes
  • Building if arranged to be used prior to event
  • Grandstand seating for 1500
  • One time watering/grooming of arena
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Public address (PA) system in crow’s nest
  • Restrooms in the Exhibit Building
  • Roping chute
  • Roping stock catch pens
  • Rough stock pens
  • Secured fencing around arena for ticketed events
  • Stripping chute
  • Use of ticket building
  • Use of warm up arena if needed and agreed upon prior to event

 Additional Costs

The following can be added to the rental at additional cost:

  • Extra grooming at a rate of $50 per hour for tractor operator
  • Extra watering of arena at a rate of $50 per hour for water tank and operator plus cost of water

See surcharges for additional information.

 Procedures & Restrictions

 Main Arena Cleaning Procedures

  • All rough stock pens and roping stock pens used must be cleaned after event
    • Event holder is responsible for removing all wastes from the fairgrounds
    • The County does offer assistance in cleaning/removing refuse at event holders cost
  • All hoses used for watering must be coiled neatly by hydrants
  • All trash in grandstand area must be picked up and thrown in dumpsters
  • Crow’s nest must be cleaned of all trash and swept
  • All arena lights and rough stock pen lighting must be turned off


  • No glass containers are allowed in the arena or adjacent parking lots
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