Am I Allowed To Have A ‘Tiny-House’?

The term “tiny house” usually means one of two things: 1) an RV/trailer/house on wheels, or 2) a small house on a foundation, whether prefabricated (manufactured/modular) or built on site. A “tiny house on wheels” is considered a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and is regulated by the Land Use Code instead of the Building Codes. There are restrictions on where and when they can be lived in. They are not considered permanent homes and cannot be occupied year-round. An RV (including a “tiny house on wheels”) can be used as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or seasonal use. An RV can either have its own motor power or be mounted on or towed by another vehicle, including camping trailers, fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, travel trailers and truck campers. Other uses of an RV include a temporary dwelling during construction when permit is obtained.

 A small house on a foundation is required to meet the regulations of the International Residential Code. Please contact the Building Staff to discuss these requirements at 303-621-3135.

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