What Is A Zoning Violation (Land Use Code Violation)?

Any violation of the regulations contained in the Elbert County Regulations and Ordinances. Common violations include:

  • when and if a home occupation is allowed
  • excessive junk, rubbish, and debris
  • wrecked, inoperable, unregistered vehicles
  • the use of RVs
  • when and if “tiny houses” are allowed
  • the number of horses and pet animals allowed on a parcel
  • when and if multiple dwellings are allowed on a parcel
  • whether a particular use is allowed in a certain zoning district
  • location and usage of signs, etc.
  • construction without permit

Some of these issues are complicated and often vary by situation. Please use the links provided below for a general description of some of these issues. You may contact the Planning Department at 303-621-3136 or by email to ask questions regarding your specific situation. You may also call 720-595-3610 and ask for the Zoning Compliance staff.

If there is a violation of the Land Use Code, the Code Compliance staff member will notify the Planning Department and have the owner/tenant seek approval for the use that is not currently allowed. This can sometimes take several months to accomplish.

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