Why does ECPH have a Use Permit Program?

A Use Permit Program accomplishes the following: 

  • Identifies OWTS that were never permitted and establishes a record for those systems 
  • Identifies failing or malfunctioning OWTS
  • Discovers problems that may be repaired in order to prevent larger problems or failures 
  • Clarifies what specific circumstances will require that an OWTS be inspected 
  • Assures trained and certified inspectors do the inspections 
  • Establishes uniform inspection criteria and requirements 

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1. Why does ECPH have a Use Permit Program?
2. What is a “Use Permit”?
3. What circumstances will require me to obtain or renew my “Use Permit”?
4. Who is required to obtain a “Use Permit”?
5. How do I obtain a “Use Permit”?
6. Who does the inspection and what does the inspector look for?
7. What if the inspector finds problems or deficiencies with the OWTS?
8. What if the inlet or outlet line requires repair?
9. Who can apply for a “Use Permit”?
10. How do I find out information about my OWTS?
11. What if the inspector discovers the OWTS is malfunctioning?
12. What if the OWTS is malfunctioning and the owner is not able to obtain a repair permit and complete the repairs before the sale of a home?
13. What are the next steps after I submit an application for a Use Permit?
14. How long is a Use Permit valid?