Who must file, and when?

Owners of taxable Business Personal Property such as equipment, machinery, furniture, security devices, signs and personal effects not otherwise exempt by law, if the total actual value (market value) of the personal property is greater than $50,000.

Note: market value as approximated by an appraisal, using state guidelines and procedures.

When to File

The Assessor mails Declaration Schedules on or before January 1, and taxpayers must return them to the Assessor by April 15. It is the responsibility of the business owner to obtain and file a Declaration Schedule, if one is not received in the mail.

$50,000 Exemption for Business Personal Property

Effective January 1, 2022, if the total actual value (market value) of your Business Personal Property located in Elbert County is $50,000 or less, you are not required to file this form.

If an owner’s Business Personal Property filed in Elbert County exceeds a total value of $50,000, all the property is taxable including the initial $50,000, also, in the event additional assets are put into use which increases the total actual value of the personal property to an amount greater than $50,000, the owner must again file a declaration schedule.

To avoid a possible misunderstanding regarding whether a Declaration Schedule must be filed, new businesses, first time filers, and taxpayers who are unsure as to the actual value of their personal property are urged to contact the Assessor by email or by calling 303-621-3101 and provide an itemized listing of their Business Personal Property.

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