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Posted on: April 30, 2021

Survey Results: Elbert County is a Safe, High-Quality Place to Live with Opportunities for Services

Cheri Harjo-Dobbs1

The results are in from a county-wide survey conducted by the National Community Survey (NCS).   

Around 2,700 households were contacted to give feedback on their experience living in Elbert County. Of those contacted, approximately 660 responded – a statistically valid and good response rate of 25%. Residents who did not receive a mailed copy of the survey had the opportunity to complete a similar open participation survey online.  

This was a county-wide survey that included a combination of questions related to services the county manages and some that were more relevant to our incorporated towns, such as water and wastewater service, garbage collection, etc. The topics addressed in the survey covered a variety of facets related to community living, including: 

  • Safety 
  • Mobility 
  • Community design 
  • Inclusivity and engagement 
  • Health and wellness 
  • Economy 
  • Utilities 
  • Parks and recreation 
  • Natural environment 
  • Education, arts and culture 

Responses to these factors varied, with “overall feeling of safety,” “cleanliness,” and “overall quality of the natural environment” being among several of the highest-ranking factors. 

There were several key findings in the survey. One of the most impressive is that residents value their quality of life in Elbert County and feel safe in the community. Of the residents surveyed, 87% reported they were likely to recommend living in Elbert County “to someone who asks.” 84% say they plan on remaining in the county for the next five years. 

Residents’ reports indicate that they are generally happy with the quality of county services, as well. Crime prevention, power utility and ambulance/emergency medical services were among the highest-ranked services.  Some of the services that received lower rankings in satisfaction were bus/transit services and recreation programs and classes. 

Elbert County generally scored lower when it came to economic opportunities. Just over half (54%) were satisfied with the overall quality of business and service establishments, and only 23% were satisfied with the amount of economic development. 

When questioned on the overall quality of life in Elbert County, 57% of residents answered “good,” while 28% report their quality of life as “excellent.” Only 15% of respondents reported their quality of life as either “fair” (12%) or “poor” (3%).  

The survey results suggest that most Elbert County residents are generally happy or content with their quality of life. At the same time, the results also suggest a definite growth opportunity for Elbert County regarding economic opportunities, education, arts and culture. 

NC is part of a nationwide survey service that is administered in approximately 70 communities yearly. The communities in the NCS database represent a wide geographic and population range. In each tab, Elbert County's results are noted as being “higher” than the benchmark, “lower” than the benchmark, or “similar” to the benchmark, meaning that the average rating given by Elbert County residents is statistically similar to or different (greater or lesser) than the benchmark. 

View the survey presentation NCS made to the Board of County Commissioners in April online at  

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