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Posted on: November 16, 2021

Strategic Plans Provide a Roadmap for the Future of Elbert County

Strategic Planning

When the County approves a new development, makes improvements to an existing road, designates land for open space or a park, hires new staff, or prepares for a disaster or extreme weather event, the Board of County Commissioners and County staff utilize any number of long-range planning documents to help make informed. decisions about how these choices will affect residents and the community now and in the future. Most County plans have four key elements:

  • Objectives (this is what we want the situation to look like when we’re done)
  • Goals (what’s the target?)
  • Tactics (here’s what we’re going to do to get there), and
  • Key Performance Indicators (are we making progress in meeting the objective?)

The BOCC and staff often spend a year or more developing the plan, and many plans look five, ten or even twenty years into the future. An effective plan also answers ―why—why is a Plan needed?

A good plan helps identify services that meet the County’s obligations to provide essential services to its citizens. Some might say a plan is a rudder on the ship that steers the organization. It is the vector to focus the energy the County puts into staffing and services for the community every day.

Elbert County has several plans that help the organization and its departments move forward with intention. Here’s a quick rundown of the County’s primary guiding documents:

Strategic Plan: This is the overarching document for all County operations. This Plan was completed in 2018 and includes the following organizational goals:

Maintain and promote a financially sustainable County government that is transparent and effective.

Ensure a qualified, trained, and efficient workforce.

Deliver plans, updates, and status to citizens via multiple channels while ensuring open two-way communication.

Plan for continuation of government in case of disaster, infrastructure failure, or economic impacts.

Support growth and economic activity in the County.

Comprehensive Plan: This document guides land-use decisions and growth in the County. It covers areas such as economic development, open space, housing, transportation, and hazard mitigation.

Transportation Master Plan: This is Elbert County’s most recently updated Plan. It incorporates where the County has seen growth and where growth is expected in the future. This also feeds into the Capital Improvement Plan.

Capital Improvement Plan: The Road and Bridge Department’s Plan sets project priorities for the next five years.

The five plans listed above can be found on the County website when you search them by name. Visit for more information.

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