To schedule an inspection please use the link below

Inspection Request Form

Please review the schedule below prior to scheduling your inspection. Inspections may happen anytime between 9am-5pm. The inspectors can not give call a-head's or time windows. 

How to prepare for your inspection

Please have the site accessible from 9am-5pm the day of your inspection. Approved plans and permit card must be on site in a visible location for the inspector to review. If you are calling for a rough or final inspection all required documentation must be submitted to prior to scheduling. 

Solar and Reroof Inspections

All solar and reroof inspections must be done via declaration and photos. Please send all required documentation to for review with the address in the subject line. 

Please put all photos onto one pdf form for review. We are unable to access any external links such as google docs or drop box.

Solar Declaration

Reroof Declaration

How do I pay a reinspection fee?

A re-inspection fee may be assessed for each inspection or re-inspection when such portion of work for which inspection is requested is not complete, when corrections required by a previous inspection have not been made, or when an additional inspection is required for alterations made after completion of initial inspection. Reinspection fees may be assessed when the permit card is not properly posted on the work site; the approved plans are not readily available to the inspector, for failure to provide access on the date for which inspection is requested, or for deviating from plans requiring the approval of the Building Official. In instances where reinspection fees have been assessed, no additional inspection of the work will be performed until such fees have been paid.

$50.00 for 1st incident

$100.00 for 2nd incident 

$200.00 for 3rd incident, plus 2 work day inspection delay

To pay for your inspection please use the link below;

Pay Inspection Fees

2023 Inspection Schedule