Contractor's Corner

Effective 2/1/2023 Contractor licensing is required on all new building permit applications. 

All contractors must meet minimum licensing requirements established by Elbert County Building Department. All licenses expire one year from date of issuance and no new permits may be obtained or work under existing permits continued without license or registration being renewed.

To apply please fill out the forms below and submit via email to

Applications may take 1-3 business days to process

You must include a copy of your drivers license and insurance with your application. 

Insurance policy must show effective date, expiration date and an endorsement. Cancellation of liability insurance will equate to cancellation of contractor's license.

A homeowner shall be allowed to act as their own contractor for single-family residence or accessory structure without specific licensing or insurance requirements and must sign the homeowner agreement form designating the work they will perform themselves. 

For a complete outline of the requirements for contractor licensing please review Ordinance 23-01 below.

Forms and Information