Trees and grass burning in a wildfireElbert County’s topography, vegetation, and climate contribute to our potential for a wildfire. Although wildfires are unpredictable in their location(s) and causes - the hazards, and means to mitigate those hazards are within our capabilities to act. Collectively, communities can all contribute to the safety of their neighborhoods and reduce the risks posed by wildfires.

Plan, Prepare & Practice

Know how your plan, prepare your home or business, and practice.


Establishing a process for you and your family before the chaos of an emergency can provide peace of mind and better position your response.  Working through a planning process will support informed decision-making to address your unique circumstances and needs. Community members should strive to be informed, know how to communicate with loved ones, and have a plan of what actions to take to streamline your family’s response. Determine how you will best be prepared to shelter in place or evacuate people, pets, and livestock in any emergency.

Additionally, attend local or regional seminars and conferences conducted by wildfire experts (Fire Departments, Office of Emergency Management, and Disaster Planners) for seasonal tips.  Follow social media and neighborhood texting groups and sign up for CodeRED alerts.

Cattle being driven away from a fire


Preparation is key to being able to support and sustain yourself and your dependents' needs during a local crisis, or away from home. This involves an effective understanding of your family plan, including how to communicate and what action you will take in the event of a wildfire. 

Additionally, preparing involves acquiring and maintaining the necessary supplies to support your family’s unique needs. Supplies should reflect the plan your family has developed including considerations for weather, communications, medical needs, transportation readiness, pet/livestock care, and food. Preparation is a continuous cycle of maintaining your readiness by ensuring your supplies remain current and relevant to your circumstances.


Testing plans and practicing using your resources reveals gaps that may exist in your preparations, which can be adjusted much easier in times of calm versus learning about deficiencies during a real-world emergency. Additionally, the practice will build confidence in you, your family, and/or your employees to do what is necessary when circumstances become tense. Lastly, practicing serves as an opportunity to have fun and advance the cohesion of your family's or business's teamwork.

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