Fairgrounds Facilities Rental

The Elbert County Fairgrounds serves the community by offering a number of facilities to be rented for private and public events.

Please view the Facilities page for more information on facilities size and photos.

Elbert County Fairgrounds Policies and Procedures (PDF) provide a consistent guideline for event holders and users to provide a safe and quality experience while using any Elbert County facility.

Please email the Fairgrounds your completed Rental Agreements (PDF).

Rental Rates

Facilities Standard User Rate Non-Profit Rate Security Deposit
Exhibit Building $305 per day $215 per day $575
Agriculture Building $250 per day $160 per day $345
Conference Room $30 per day $20 per day $60
Main Arena $390 per day $265 per day $575
Warm Up Arena $115 per day $75 per day $230
Entire Fairgrounds $900 per day $650 per day $920
Open Pavilion $60 per day $45 per day $60
Beef Barn Pavilion $85 per day $55 per day $115
Parking Lot $125 per day $85 per day $115
Horse Stalls $15 per stall per day $15 per stall per day N/A
Horse Pavilion
$60 per day
$50 per day

Surcharge Rates for All Users

Type of Surcharge
Labor Costs $50 per hour
Water Truck with Operator $60 per hour
Arena Grooming with Operator $60 per hour
Skid Steer with Operator
$60 per hour
Horse Stall, Rough Stock Refuse Removal $100 per tandem truck load
Vendor Booth Utility Surcharge $30 per vendor per day
Set Up/Tear Down
Half the cost of rental per day