Abstract of Assessment

General Information

It is the duty of the Assessor to make a fair and equitable assessment of all property in the County so that the taxes may be distributed equally in accordance with the value of each taxpayer's property and relative to the value of all other property within the County.

  • The Assessor's Office does not set any tax levy or establish any mill rate
  • All school property tax is established and levied by the District School Boards
  • All County property tax is established and levied by the County Commissioners
  • All City and Town property tax is established and levied by City and Town Councils
  • All property taxes are established and levied by their respective boards, such as:
    • Fire Protection
    • Metropolitan
    • Miscellaneous District
    • Sanitation
    • Special Improvement
    • Water

Important Information

The abstract is compiled and made available to you by the Elbert County Assessor's Office. Elbert County Assessor's Office will always be available to provide answers and assistance to all questions regarding the valuation of land, buildings, equipment, and fixtures. It is important that you are aware and knowledgeable about your own assessment.

Important notices regarding valuation and taxes are sent by mail to property owners each year. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide the Assessor's Office with the correct mailing address for all correspondence.

Abstract of Assessment Documents