Noxious Weed Management

Noxious weeds are aggressive plants that are not native to our area. Most have come from Europe or Asia either accidentally or as ornamentals that have escaped. These plants have an advantage because the insects, diseases, and animals that would normally control them are not found here. Because these plants have developed specialized mechanisms to survive, they are able to spread at an alarming rate.

As part of our ongoing effort for weed management, Elbert County will be using herbicide control during the summer months. Crews have identified and mapped Canada Thistle, Musk Thistle, Leafy Spurge and Field Bindweeds. Crews will be spraying herbicide controls in County right-of-ways.

Control, Containment & Eradication Required by Law

Noxious weeds are moving into our valued ecosystems and displacing our native plants at an alarming rate. When the plants that wildlife uses for food, shelter, or nesting are gone, the wildlife leave the area. Noxious weeds also impact our valuable agricultural lands and commodities. When resources are not available for their desired use, it takes more land to raise the same number of cattle or bushels of wheat.

Because of these factors, they have been declared by state, local, and federal governments to be undesirable, and their control, containment, and eradication are required by law.

Volunteer for the Noxious Weed Advisory Board

If you are interested in volunteering on the Advisory Board, please fill out the Online Weed Advisory Board Application.

Elbert County Noxious Weed List 

2023 Noxious Weed List (PDF)