Registering Out of State Vehicles

When re-registering a vehicle from out of state, the following paperwork is required:

  1. A registration not more than 6 months expired (original), or a title (a copy of the title accepted, if vehicle is financed).
    • Leased vehicle-registration must show lessor (owner) and lessee, or provide a lease agreement.
    • Lessor's name, address and lease date will be needed.
    • If out of state title is not surrendered, a Colorado title cannot be issued.
    • Lien holder's name and address if applicable.
    • Purchase date.
  2. Verification of the vehicle identification number, Form DR2698.
    • Available through any emission station upon request, Colorado dealer or law enforcement officer.
    • If you own a non-titled vehicle, trailer or coming from foreign country, please see a clerk for a complete checklist. Certified vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection required.
  3. Certified empty weigh slip must be submitted for truck weights between 4,500 and 10,000 pounds, motorhomes and all trailers.
    • If the empty weight is listed on the registration or title, weight slip is not required.
  4. Proof of Insurance is required prior to registration on tax Class C (passenger cars, motorcycles, motor homes and buses) and Class B (light trucks and recreational trucks).