Foster Care Program

Foster care is temporary care of a child who is removed from their home. Foster placements can last anywhere from overnight to several months. Foster parents meet the day-to-day needs of the children placed in their home. They are not their guardian, nor will they have legal custody of a child in their care, but they are a vital member of our team.

Our main priority is safety and well-being for the child, and we value the bond and relationships children have with their own family. We believe and research indicates that children have a better chance at success when they are with family; therefore, reunification with family is our main goal.

Looking for Special Families

Elbert County is currently in the process of enhancing our foster care program. This will allow our children to remain in Elbert County while in foster care rather than moving them into a new community that is far from home and prevents them from maintaining established relationships. We are looking for more special families to provide a needed service to our Elbert County children.

For more information, please call Elbert County Department of Human Services at 303-621-3149.