Child Care Assistance Program

Need Help Paying for Child Care?

Elbert County Child Care Assistance Program helps families pay for the rising cost of quality child care for infants and children up to the age 13. Parents/Caretakers must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for the subsidized child care.

Eligible Persons

  • Biological Parents
  • Blood or Adoptive Relatives
  • Legally Established Guardians
  • Teen Parents (up to age 21)

Eligible Activities

  • Employment
  • Job Search up to 13 weeks each year
  • General Educational Diploma (GED), High School Diploma, English as a Second Language
  • 12 months post secondary education, up to 1st Bachelor's Degree
  • Colorado Works/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) approved work activities

Cooperation with Child Support

Although cooperation with child support services is not mandatory, it is recommended. If you would like to complete a child support application click here: 

For More Information

To learn more about the program or how to apply, contact, Brandi Snelling, Community Support Administrator or visit the Colorado Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance page.