Civil Paperwork

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office serves civil papers within Elbert County. To have civil papers served in another county, contact the sheriff's office or a private process server in that county. As the executive branch of the District and County Courts, the Sheriff is required by law to serve civil and criminal process and to execute writs and orders from these courts.

You can deliver civil papers for service to the Sheriff's Office in person or by mail. You must pay for service before papers are served.

Legal Advice

Sheriff's Office employees do not give legal advice on the eviction process or instructions on how to fill out court documents. You may contact an attorney, or see the Colorado Judicial Branch website for forms and helpful information.

Civil Protection Orders

To obtain a civil protection order, contact the 18th Judicial District at the Elbert County Courthouse at 303-621-2131. To report a violation of a protection order, contact the law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where the violation occurred.

For more information, visit the Elbert County Courthouse website.

Eviction & Writ of Restitution

You can find information about the eviction process and writs of restitution in Colorado on the Evictions page of the Colorado Judicial Branch website. Sheriff's Office fees for service of process (including mileage) apply.