Emergency Management

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Elbert County Office of Emergency Management is to continually build and support levels of preparedness for the citizens of Elbert County. Our office will aid in mitigating loss of life and property prior to and during disasters.

We will support our colleagues and our responders while preparing for and responding to man-made and natural emergencies. We will support our stakeholders while making informed decisions and when rebuilding from disasters.

Community Partnership

Elbert County Emergency Management will coordinate and prepare response plans while fostering partnerships and shared vision with our local, state, and federal partners.

We will continually work to identify vulnerabilities and work to build continuity of government and business to secure them. We will effectively manage the tools and resources provided to work in our times of crisis. We will support our Emergency Operations Center with care and due diligence as a vital resource for all who work, live, and play in Elbert County.

Education & Professionalism

The Elbert County Office of Emergency Management will strive to always educate and inform the public with accurate, timely, and valuable information to ensure everyone can make informed decisions in times of action and in times of local affairs.

This Office will continuously strive for professionalism and ethical conduct while partnering with our community, emergency response organizations, volunteers, and government stakeholders.